ugaHey how is everyone doing?? I started this Website because i am a huge supporter of the Independent music scene. Truthfully, there are many great artists out there & groups that do not get to shine and let their music be heard. I started out as a music artist and performed at various open mic venues working my way to bigger and better spots. I kind of got tired of how the music industry was closing doors to so many talented independent artists. I wanted to do something about it. Shake up the way we look at doing shows and events and show that everyone can eat if they know how to work hard. In this world there are no room for Prima Donnas and exscuses You either want something and work hard to get it or you lay mentally and physically stagnant.. Wishing you had it.
I have interviewed many celebrities and music artists as well as comedians. Some of my personal favorites are Psychopathic Records Boondox and ABK (Native World).  I really enjoyed talking with Comedian Jim Norton too the guy is a virtual Laugh Factory. Just a couple months ago I interviewed Carlos Mencia (The Mind Of Mencia), and he and Cisco were  awesome to talk to. At The 16th Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos for Insane Clown Posse, I interviewed Chicago’s own Twista!! It was cool to interview 30 Rock Actor/Writer/Comedian Judah Friedlander and Jay Oakerson. I Even got to interview the Netherlands own Dope D.O.D.!! In addition to running my personal web site designed by my homie Derek, I also film live music events and do photography for Undaground Digital Media. Every year my friend Marcus KPZ and I also throw one of the sickest musical events of the year called: The Friday The 13th Crystal Lake Blood Bath. Going on our third year now, it is growing more each year through promotion and word of mouth. We have no plans of stopping this great tradition anytime soon.
I believe that if we all work hard and do the best we can, help promote and support each other we can really make it together!! There is enough for everybody. I want us all to succeed.
I am always interested in working with bands and other independent music artists, so if you would like to get a hold of me or reach me for business…. Feel free to email me at: Have a great day everybody.
Thanks for Checking out my site.. Hope you like what you see.
Jason Alan
A.K.A. Jason U.G.A. Voorheis
A.K.A. Billy What’s His Nuttz
A.K.A. Charlie Sheen Minus The Cocaine