Third Annual Friday The 13th Crystal Lake Blood Bath

Greetings all of my Internet Enthusiasts.. This Year’s Third Annual Friday The 13th Crystal Lake Blood Bath was a triumphant time for sure!! All of the artists that blessed the stage gave it their all.
We had artists from as far as South Dakota, Toledo Ohio and Pennsylvania on this years Blood Bath. My business partner Marcus Kpz and myself strive to make every year even better than the last. And this is no easy feat to say the least!! This event is planned and and executed over the period of almost a year.

This year we had: Suicide Saints, Raymo, J Lyrikal (Artist Formally Known as MC Fox), Origix, Konspiracy Kamp,
BXG5, Restriktid, J Hall, U.G.A., Four Unique Mindz, Camp Phire Connection… And a very special opening set by Puppet Master. This event was filmed by various Videographers such as: Jesse Tanner, Zack Danielson, as well as myself. This music extravaganza was captured pictorially by Caitlin Wittles (Catt Shots) Katherine Hatfield, Zack Danielson as well as myself. To me, there was not one single artist that did not bring their all. And even into the night we had people partying and enjoying the evening’s festivities.

Some of my favorite standouts this year were: Saginaw Super Crew BXG5!! These guys did not hesitate to pull out the stops on their performance. Next, Toledo Ohio’s very own Restriktid came out with his homie Ethan and did not disappoint. Detroit’s very own Camp Phire Connection came out and from the jump just demolished the stage and literally almost tore it apart!! Kallamazoo’s Konspiracy Kamp came out and delivered nothing less but an EXPLOSIVE music performance. Four Unique Mindz came out and as usual entertained as well as had the whole audience screamin out “Whooo!!” to their acclaimed anthem Ric Flair.
Honestly I thoroughly enjoyed all of the artists and was impressed with the amount of talent and professionalism they all displayed. Looking forward to next year’s.. Lastly, Thanks to the lil homie Puppet Master that came with a smooth intro set and if it was not for him there would have been no lighting or stage set up. He was very instrumental in helping this event out. Special Thank You To Kathy, Michael, Jesse, Katherine, Brent ( That filled in for DJ Burn so BRILLIANTLY) The whole Airway Lanes Staff Sheila & Jim and the countless others that helped to make this year entertaining and a success.
Until next year my friends…
Jason Alan A.K.A. Billy What’s His Nuttz A.K.A. Jason Alan
Ceo Of Undaground Digital Media
and Undaground Soundz Administration LLC.

Summer is Quickly Approaching!!

With Summer in full swing, there are lot of great independent shows coming up as well as many independent album releases. In the coming weeks I will be doing a review of different projects I have accumulated from various music artists and bands. I am excited because truthfully this is why I do this. From seeing artists perform their hearts out on stage to writing and recording a project, it is a great feeling. Anyone that has ever been to a live show knows what I am talking about… The pure adrenaline and energy that courses through ones veins like the most potent drug. The feeling of extreme euphoria when the music takes you to another place. To escape reality if even if it is for a temporary time. Recently I had bought the new ICP album: The Marvelous Missing Link Must say that I am actually impresses with the mature and very deep matter they explore on here. People have been stating their likes and dislike ever since it was released, but I am really blown back by how great it is!! It reminds me of earlier efforts like The Terror Wheel and Ringmaster. Even sprinkles of vibes of Hells Pit…. But I digress and will elaborate further on an upcoming album review. From Pontiac to Detroit, Jackson to Lansing, Grand Rapids to Warren, you never know what show I will be at next filming or taking pics. If you see me don’t be afraid to come and say hi.
Much love to all of you independent music makers out there as well as photographers, singers, promoters, bands, etc… Have a great day everyone.

Welcome to my new web site everyone!!

logoI want to thank you all for checking out my new official web site. Thank you to Michaelangelo as well as Derek Sands of Botec Design for developing my site. In the next few weeks I will be posting a blog on album reviews as well as different shows I have attended throughout Michigan. Feel free to comment and let me know what you all think of it. I will also be accepting artists and bands to do my reviews on. You can send them via email at: My hopes is that you will find this site as entertaining as I can possibly make it. There will be pictures from previous shows as well as videos being uploaded on here from different shows. In addition I will be uploading artists interviews on here too. As a supporter and lover of good independent music, I hope you all are going to dig the new site. Welcome to!!