ICP Ballas 2015 Pics (Pt 6& 7)



Summer is Quickly Approaching!!

With Summer in full swing, there are lot of great independent shows coming up as well as many independent album releases. In the coming weeks I will be doing a review of different projects I have accumulated from various music artists and bands. I am excited because truthfully this is why I do this. From seeing artists perform their hearts out on stage to writing and recording a project, it is a great feeling. Anyone that has ever been to a live show knows what I am talking about… The pure adrenaline and energy that courses through ones veins like the most potent drug. The feeling of extreme euphoria when the music takes you to another place. To escape reality if even if it is for a temporary time. Recently I had bought the new ICP album: The Marvelous Missing Link Must say that I am actually impresses with the mature and very deep matter they explore on here. People have been stating their likes and dislike ever since it was released, but I am really blown back by how great it is!! It reminds me of earlier efforts like The Terror Wheel and Ringmaster. Even sprinkles of vibes of Hells Pit…. But I digress and will elaborate further on an upcoming album review. From Pontiac to Detroit, Jackson to Lansing, Grand Rapids to Warren, you never know what show I will be at next filming or taking pics. If you see me don’t be afraid to come and say hi.
Much love to all of you independent music makers out there as well as photographers, singers, promoters, bands, etc… Have a great day everyone.