1-27-18 King Crooked Live In Waterford MI

So I must admit at first when I heard the Drayton Station had their liquor license temporarily suspended, I was skeptical that the show would go on. I was glad to hear that they were still going to go ahead and do the show. I got word that King Crooked of Shady Aftermath was in town and going to bless the stage. Paul Stepp & Steve Legaci teamed up to throw this event along with Diamond Cut Artist J smith. As we pulled in to the driveway of the venue, the parking lot was already quite full as to fans have been there for the last hour prior. So we got relaxed and talked with some of our friends outside. Not a bad reception so far.

My homie Origix and I have a song called “Remember’ off my upcoming project. Produced by Pig Pen this song is sure to be a rewinder in the rides. my brother Marcus Kpz Palazzolo and I also teamed up on a fun song called “Come Inside” It is always a pleasure to be able to perform a set with some of my friends. I also did a collab called “Future Focused” with my friend in the industry Stalker Brandy. Together with her very awesome voice we combined to put on one hell of a performance!! Shout out to my homies Swig and J Smith that captured our set. It will be edited and put out on the Jason Voorheis Youtube Channel soon.

First up to hit the stage and open the night though was D The God. I was impressed with how he got up there and had the crowd’s attention. It is not easy to get on a stage and perform for a bunch of people you don’t know. It is increasingly not the easiest to open any show. D did both of those things pretty flawlessly.You could tell he was a little nervous a first, but once he got in his zone his delivery was smooth like a bottle of lotion. I see more positive things coming from D The God.
Up next was my homie
RB from the group Bombthreat with Rodacious backing him up and he did a couple new songs off his upcoming project. It was good to see my homie do what he loves and he put it down Veteran Style. I look forward to hearing his new solo project in the future.

Up next on the roster was Definition and they got up there and spit out some party up beat like flows. Reminiscent of early Beastie Boys they got everyone feeling good. Then the artist known as Lyricist grabbed the mic and I had never heard him before. He was pretty damn good as he went through a few songs from his catalog of music. After his performance we chopped it up a little bit and got some pictures of him and his entourage he brought.

Untouchable Kid has a very soulful laid back kind of style. He reminds me of the late MC Breed with the way he puts his bars together and drags certain words at the end. His delivery is fluid like a bottle of Gatorade as he spins his tales of the game and women. Together with a couple of his homies they shared the stage with a cool performance.

J Smith has been making noise with his latest songs he has been promoting. He blessed the Shelter stage in Detroit
and this particular night had rocked out a show at another venue then came to the Drayton to do it all again. He had some merchandise that he hand made that was fresh. WooDZ was in the building as he and Paul Stepp filmed his every move like a cougar in the wild. He was in his element and the crowd was his prey. A side note hit up Michael Wood if you need video or photography work. He does a great job.

Detroit was definately in the building as the homie Hatch got on the stage and blew through his set like a hurricane down south! He represented Detroit Life and did not dissapoint. What really stood out was when later him and King Crooked jumped off of the stage and was performing right in the middle of the crowd. By the end of the night the bar was pretty packed and there was no drama. It was all love.

Now for the main headliner of the evening… I had heard about King Crooked but never had the chance to see him perform live. Let me tell you, this guy is a true professional. From the way he carried himself on the stage you knew he was going to bring everything he had for his performance. King Crooked had such a powerful voice you had to be there to see him for yourself. Donned in a stylish coat and hoodie he hit that stage like a bat out of hell! He went through each song with a passion you don’t see as much as you would like to from an artist.
He gave props to everyone throwing the show and at the end gave respect to all of the artists that were on before him. He was the true definition of what Hip Hop should be. He was very humble and it was a honor to rock the same stage as him. All in all I would say the show was a success and went off without any problems.

Thanks to Corey, Dan, Steve, J Smith, Paul and the beautiful ladies at the Drayton Station. We all showed that you can pack a venue out even if you don’t have alcohol and still have a pretty damn good time together. Salute.
Until the next show my friends.

-Jason Alan (U.G.A.)
Undaground Digital Media



Hello There Again

I know it has been quite a while since we last spoke but just wanted to update some things for you.
First I have recently been working on finishing my 2017 solo album release called “Reality Check.” Working
on this project for a solid 2 years and trust when I say it is definately worth the wait!
In addition to that my Youtube Channel: Jason Voorheis has surpassed 1 million views!! Thanks to everybody
that has subscribed commented and even shared my name to a friend. Much love and I could not have done it without you all.

I would like to also let you know about my Business Page on Facebook. It is Undaground Digital Media. Feel free to
go there and check out the various pics from events and weddings I have took. I work hard taking pictures and
working with people that take their careers seriously and about their grind.
Recently as of 2016, I have linked up with a phenomenal young man in my Photographic & Videographic Adventures.
He goes by the name of WooDZ.. We have recently finished 2 music videos together whether filming or editing
and look forward to showing them to you very soon. WooDZ has his own Media Imprint Wood House Pictures.
Together with my Undaground Digital Media, we have joined forces like The Dinobots & Optimus Prime On The Transformers!
WooDZ is a very talented and hard working individual and when I started chatting with him, I knew this guy was
on his way to cool things. What better way than to team up and work together. With Interviews From Comedian Joel Fragomeni, Detroit’s Awesome DRE & More.. Even shot our first commercial for a place in Waterford MI called The Daily Diner. It has been generating a lot of views online. Shout out to Jackie, Kathy, Dom & John. Whenever you are in the area feel free to stop in. 🙂
We are not slowing up by any means.
Be on the lookout for more videos and photography.
This is only the beginning.
2017 is shaping up to be a beautiful year.
Hit: Jason Alan on Facebook
or Michael Wood & let’s work on your next upcoming project.
Til next time my friends.
Much love and remember Grind It Out & When You are Tired… Grind Some more.



Exclusive Pics With Spice1 At Storyz Studio (Pics By WooDZ & Myself)



Third Annual Friday The 13th Crystal Lake Blood Bath

Greetings all of my Internet Enthusiasts.. This Year’s Third Annual Friday The 13th Crystal Lake Blood Bath was a triumphant time for sure!! All of the artists that blessed the stage gave it their all.
We had artists from as far as South Dakota, Toledo Ohio and Pennsylvania on this years Blood Bath. My business partner Marcus Kpz and myself strive to make every year even better than the last. And this is no easy feat to say the least!! This event is planned and and executed over the period of almost a year.

This year we had: Suicide Saints, Raymo, J Lyrikal (Artist Formally Known as MC Fox), Origix, Konspiracy Kamp,
BXG5, Restriktid, J Hall, U.G.A., Four Unique Mindz, Camp Phire Connection… And a very special opening set by Puppet Master. This event was filmed by various Videographers such as: Jesse Tanner, Zack Danielson, as well as myself. This music extravaganza was captured pictorially by Caitlin Wittles (Catt Shots) Katherine Hatfield, Zack Danielson as well as myself. To me, there was not one single artist that did not bring their all. And even into the night we had people partying and enjoying the evening’s festivities.

Some of my favorite standouts this year were: Saginaw Super Crew BXG5!! These guys did not hesitate to pull out the stops on their performance. Next, Toledo Ohio’s very own Restriktid came out with his homie Ethan and did not disappoint. Detroit’s very own Camp Phire Connection came out and from the jump just demolished the stage and literally almost tore it apart!! Kallamazoo’s Konspiracy Kamp came out and delivered nothing less but an EXPLOSIVE music performance. Four Unique Mindz came out and as usual entertained as well as had the whole audience screamin out “Whooo!!” to their acclaimed anthem Ric Flair.
Honestly I thoroughly enjoyed all of the artists and was impressed with the amount of talent and professionalism they all displayed. Looking forward to next year’s.. Lastly, Thanks to the lil homie Puppet Master that came with a smooth intro set and if it was not for him there would have been no lighting or stage set up. He was very instrumental in helping this event out. Special Thank You To Kathy, Michael, Jesse, Katherine, Brent ( That filled in for DJ Burn so BRILLIANTLY) The whole Airway Lanes Staff Sheila & Jim and the countless others that helped to make this year entertaining and a success.
Until next year my friends…
Jason Alan A.K.A. Billy What’s His Nuttz A.K.A. Jason Alan
Ceo Of Undaground Digital Media
and Undaground Soundz Administration LLC.

Welcome to My Web site Everybody!!

Hello everyone. So hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend. Feel free to comment on my site. Recently went to the Royal Oak “Arts Beats & Eats” and will be putting those pics up in the very near future. My lady and I also went to the Insane Clown Posse’s annual Gathering Of The Juggalos. Feel free to like or share these pics as I enjoyed taking them. My business partner & friend Marcus (KPZ) have been promoting the: Third Annual Friday The 13th Crystal lake Blood Bath as well. This year it takes place in Waterford Michigan at Airway Lanes. 4825 Highland Rd. The event will take place Friday November 13th!! All attendees are encouraged to dress in costume or come dressed up as their favorite superhero, villain or villainess. In addition, all those that come to the Blood Bath will receive a limited edition wrist band as well as Crystal Lake Blood Bath music sampler with all of the artists on this.
I will also be working on some more video footage as well as interviews that I did at the Gathering. Stay tuned for that and oh so much more. Well, that is about it for now. Have a most excellent day everyone.
-Jason Voorheis-